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Your transformation is our passion

Speed Skool has developed a unique business concept. Our programs have been designed to improve athletic ability and to help prevent injury. We feel that all athletes should engage in this type of training.

Speed Skool develops corporate partnerships with State-of-the-Art facilities throughout the winter & fall seasons. Our training sessions are held on natural surfaces outdoors during the spring & summers. We feel that natural grass is the best surface to run and train on.

Our Speed Skool certified trainers also take our programs & equipment to teams and organizations. This concept is successful because we are able to minimize our operating expenses and transfer those savings to our clients with our low rates. Speed Skool’s programs have proven positive results, just look at what our clients are saying on our Testimonial page.

We want to become your trainer to help you achieve our goals. Speed Skool offers 3 types of programs: ELITE DEVELOPMENT, JUNIOR FOUNDATION and FITNESS

Our mission statement

Speed Skool was created to help meet the training demands of individual athletes and athletic groups or teams. Our philosophy is to provide athletes with the highest quality training without extreme costs. Our business partnerships with qualified trainers and state-of the-art training facilities, is paramount to successfully invoking this mission. Speed Skool devotes itself to the proper development of young athletes, with scientific, practical, and proven techniques. Our system is perfect for all athletes who participate in any sport. We focus on the long term, and feel it is not possible to make lasting changes in a short “six-week program.’ Although there is value in learning basic techniques within a condensed program, we realize that in order for motor skills to be properly engrained in the nervous system, athletes require longer exposure to training.

At Speed Skool we believe that new exposure to training will bring about a positive response due to new stimulus being positively accepted by the central nervous system. We believe in training for the long term, rather than using the common quick “hit or miss” approach. If training exposure ceases, it is likely that the improvements will diminish over time and long-term adaptation will not be achieved.

Speed Skool works in tandem with youth organizations and schools to create positive change for the future of our young athletes. We educate athletes on the benefits of a proven long-term developmental approach that will bring safer and more sustainable results. By taking this progressive approach, athletes will be far better positioned to reach their athletic, physical and emotional goals for a lifetime.


Choose the right option for you

Elite Development

Personal training, Group sessions and Team clinics are all available within our Development program.

Junior Foundation

Personal training, Group sessions and Team clinics are all available for our Speed Skool for juniors program


Personal training and Group sessions are available for our Speed Skool Fitness program.